Digging for Water in a Survival Situation Secret Survival Tip

Digging for Water in a Survival Situation Secret Survival Tip

Digging for water in a survival situation.
Where to look for water in a dry river bed. How to dig for it if you have no shovel. How to get that water out.

Part one of a two part series showing where to look for water in the wilderness. Many people write about it, many people talk about it but how many actually show you how to do it? That’s right finding water in a dry river bed and how to extract it.

I dispel the YouTube armchair survivalist’s recommendations for using knives to dig with in a survival situation. Anyone who recommends this either has never had to do what you see in this video OR has lost their minds. If you loose your mind, call it what you want, or loose the plot, either way you may have lost your chances to survive. Australian Aborigines were digging for water ca 80,000 years ago, somehow I don’t think they were using knives. Let’s get out of our arm chairs and practice practice practice LOL.

You notice I wear a synthetic bandana most of the time if not, I’m carrying it always. If you have no tube you can use it ( the bandana) to collect dew or in this case also soak up water with. Similar to a good sponge (remember NOT all sponges synthetic or otherwise soak water the same.

Why an arms length of tubing? Because that’s the limit of depth to which you can dig a hole unaided, so just a bit longer so you can suck up the water. Why not a smaller diameter? A smaller diameter will get easily blocked and also tend to suck up more debris from your water hole as you will be aided by the decreased cross sectional area of the tube, which could be actually a disadvantage.

So you are all saying, hey he didn’t show us that “trick” he spoke about to stop the hole caving in! That’s right I didn’t. The “Trick” is that if you use a tube you can bury it (but using BIG ROCKS ONLY NOT THE SAND-THIS IS IMPORTANT!!) and mark the location so you can come back if necessary. So it really doesn’t matter if your hole caves in, ONCE you have your tube in place as described.

This river bed BTW has been dry for years. Two years ago it had water in it for about one month. My point is try and know as much about the terrain you will enter into.

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