EDC and Survival Shopping at my Local Wal-Mart – Week: 1

EDC and Survival Shopping at my Local Wal-Mart – Week: 1

The Kickoff to a Survival Gear shopping series where I will venture to several of my local outdoor retailers and see what New, useful, affordable, and Hidden treasures I can track down for you each trip!

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“Alternative” CRKT Eat n’ Tool:

“Alternative” Soondar Waterproof Survival Watch:

Plano 3400 series Watertight Box:

UST Survival Playing Cards:

The Tick Wrangler Tool:

EDC Andars Wallet “The Baron”:

Full Test and Review of the Nextorch UL360 Pocket Lantern:

Support the Channel/ Buy a Customized Viking Axe:

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EDC and Survival Gear Shopping at my Local Wal-Mart Playlist:

Making Combat Viking Shields:

Plazmatic Globose EDC/Survival Arc Lighter:

PocketShot 3.0 Video:

PocketShot 2.0 Video:

Cold Steel Voyager XL video:

Cold Steel American Lawman video:

Plazmatic X EDC Arc Lighter Video:

Thrunite TN12 2016 1000 Lumen EDC Flashlight Torture Video:

My Custom Tracker Style Knife Design Video:

My Family Survival Kit Video:

My Every Day Carry Video:

My Favorite Emergency Water Filtration Kits:

:Living Survival Pocket shot video:

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