Escape and Evade Recon Military and Tactical Survival Kit (VCM).mpg

Escape and Evade Recon Military and Tactical Survival Kit (VCM).mpg

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The Escape & Evade Recon Survival Kit (VCM) is for both civilian and military personnel who want a lighter weight tactical survival kit that accounts for the more advanced skills of the user. Military users may include snipers, reconnaissance scouts and others who frequently conduct missions in small teams beyond the normal reach and aid of larger forces. Civilians may include skilled hunters and tactical professionals or others who want survival tools with a lower profile than the brighter colored kits on the market. Such individuals need to have, more than most, a lighter weight survival kit that is geared for quick movement out of forward areas. The kit takes into account that the survivor most likely has more advanced skills in survival, and will therefore need less redundancy in systems to affect certain survival tasks, such as fire starting. However, as with all survival kits in the Escape and Evade series, a strong medical complement is included for traumatic injuries, and all of the components needed to maximize the survival metrics of the survivor are present.

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