Everyday Carry Survival Paracord Belt – Tactical Military Belt by Alpenlore with emergency kit

Everyday Carry Survival Paracord Belt  – Tactical Military Belt by Alpenlore with emergency kit

Alpenlore Survival Belts

The Alpenlore Hybrid Survival Belts Channel is a series of survival videos featuring The Alpenlore Survival Belt in survival situations and scenarios for survivalists and preppers. The survival videos on this channel provides survival tips, survival advice and survival training that utilizes The Alpenlore Survival Belt.

The Alpenlore Survival Belt is essentially a multi-functional military style paracord belt that you can add to your survival gear list or EDC kit items list. It is a hand crafted designer belt woven from paracord rope that includes a hidden survival kit / emergency kit / EDC kit and an illustrated pocket sized survival manual. The emergency / survival kit / EDC kit includes a ferro rod, three matches, a surgical blade and two fishing hooks. The survival belt alone can be unravelled in minutes allowing for 12 feet of webbing and 50 feet of Paracord for survival knots, securing and attaching sticks and brush, building and repairing equipment and survival tools and latching onto trees.

The Alpenlore Survival Belt is an outdoor belt w/ tactical belt and survival belt features rolled into one. It can also be used for alpine emergencies as a mountain rescue belt. The survival manual illustrates how to build wilderness survival shelters, tie rescue knots, create first aid splints, and make emergency harnesses. The survival belt is multi-functional with mountain rescue, water rescue, urban rescue, first aid applications. In first aid situations the survival belt can be used to tie splints, make tourniquets, carry injured and make a stretcher. In survival situations it can used to make a fire, secure gear, start a fire, fish, trap and build shelters. The Alpenlore Survival Belt can be included among your tactical survival gear, military survival gear, outdoor survival gear, hiking gear, hunting gear, backpacking gear, back country skiing gear, or bushcraft kit and is a must have for those outdoor/ survival preparedness minded types. The Alpenlore Hybrid Tactical Survival Belt is s great outdoor survival idea for your friends and loved ones who are into survival gear, everyday carry gear (EDC) and bushcraft gear. Comes with high tensile strength para cord and the famous cobra buckle by Austrialpin.

The AlpenGuide Belt System is a brilliant idea and is one of those products that you wonder why someone hasn’t done it before. The Alpenguide belt from Alpenlore is essentially a webbing belt but what sets it apart from everything else is that it has a triangle ring, a super strong alpine buckle and is wrapped in up to 36 feet of 860lb breaking strain ProCord.

The AlpenGUIDE Belt System is a type of “Hyper Belt” which is an exceptional, on the fly, mountain rescue belt that can be worn as an everyday belt as it is very soft and flexible but solid and incredibly useful. High tension cord can be used for a multitude of Bushcraft, Survival, First-aid & Rescue situations and environments.

Wherever you go, the AlpenGUIDE Belt goes with you and can be immediately deployed offering a generous 36 feet of high tension cord that will hold a whopping 860 lbs.

The inner-core is a hidden Hasty Harness which can easily be fashioned offering up to 12 ft of high tension strength webbing. Together with the cord shell this belt system stands apart from all the others.

We promise you have never seen a product like this that offers such a vast array of features. Johnny Spillane (World Class Olympian) and 3 Silver medalist and world champion in Nordic Ski proudly wears an Alpenlore product and finds it to be a great aid that you carry with you but never notice its there. It fits like a normal belt only slightly thicker but unnoticeable while wearing. It is hands free and always there when you need it, from morning till night, the AlpenGuide Belt System is there waiting to assist you.

ProWEB Core Harness – S 2.7m (8.8ft) – M 3.2m (10.5ft) – L 3.7m (12ft)
ProCORD outer-Shell – S 7m (23ft) – M 9m (30ft) – L 11m (36ft)
AlpineBuckle – Military Grade – High Impact Resistant
TriangleRING – 4.7mm – 4.4 kN (1000 lbf/453 kgf ) – 316 Stainless
ProCORD – 4mm – 3.8kN (860lbf/390kgf) Breaking Power
CORE Harness – 25mm – 5.74kN (1290lbf/585kgf) Breaking Power
DIMENSIONS – Belt Width 1.5 inch / 4cm – Belt Thickness .04in / 1cm

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