Survival Bag – SHTF / B.O.B / I.N.C.H / ESCAPE & EVASION KIT

Survival Bag – SHTF / B.O.B / I.N.C.H / ESCAPE & EVASION KIT

Survival Bag designed for S.H.T.F – Urban or Wilderness, as a B.O.B , or I.N.C.H bag, and partly an ESCAPE & EVASION KIT, also for Homelessness and Sleeping Rough etc this bag will make sure you have some essentials and a good start to things.

Contents are :

On Bag:
3 x carabiners, 2 x water bottles, spare strap, shake torch (flashlight) “TO DO” list, paracord bracelet.

Front Small Pocket :
7m paracord, 2 x AA batteries, lock picks, bank line bundles x 2, puritabs, and a crkt knife and pouch.

Front Big Pocket :
First aid kit, knife/fork/spoon/teaspoon, Swiss Army Knife, sewing kit, monocular.

Middle Pocket :
Bag repair kit, multitool pliers, compass, fishing kit, Mora type knife, fire kit, catapult (slingshot), toilet kit, zip ties, t-shirt, 36hr + Ration.

Big Main Pocket :
S.A.S Tin, mini wax/cardboard stove, face paint, survival tabs for 48hrs, poncho coat, wash kit, cooking kit – pots and cup, net, COMMUNICATION KIT – Radios and spare AAA batteries, paper, pen, pencils, stamps, envelopes, sim card.
wind up watch, s.a.s book, underwear, shemagh, 6ft x 4ft Tarp, pry bar tool, grill, towel, space blanket, metal mirror.

FIRE KIT – 2 x Ferrocerium rods and strikers, and magnesium block, lifeboat matches, strike anywhere matches, clipper lighter and candle.

FIRST AID KIT : various bandages, band aids, sudocreme, vaseline, tweezers, mirror, gloves, pain killer tablets, scissors, safety pins, duct tape, antiseptic wipes, germoline and more.

if you want any more info just ask, and feel free to pas on any ideas / advice you can. Thanks.

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