Urban Survival Tin (Terrorist Attack Survival Kit)

Urban Survival Tin (Terrorist Attack Survival Kit)

Urban Survival Tin (Terrorist attack survival kit) for SHTF, terror attack, natural disaster, earthquake, building collapse, train crash, bomb attack, car broke down, and more.
Features general survival items, escape and evasion kit, ways to be found / heard / seen, and items to survive a terrorist attack.

if you want links to the labels just ask and i will add them ASAP.

The tin is a standard Tobacco tin, the items i would possibly add or swap for others are a small bandage, a spring loaded punch, or something else to smash glass easily and a glow stick and a hollow door wedge with screw hole.

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If you are wondering about my A.C.A.B tattoo it’s something i had done years ago as an alcoholic teenager who had many run ins with some local corrupt police officers, some who assaulted me on two occasions and tried to fit me up for crimes I had not done and when that didn’t work would try to spread fake rumors about me and my brothers sexuality, I no longer think the police are bastards but have not had the tattoo covered yet,
most police are decent hard working people and some are true heroes.

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